Anarkali suits can make any woman look and feel regal, elegant, and beautiful. The combination of a long, flowing kurta and tight fitted leggings, with a chunni to complete the look, is a vintage style that dates back to the Mughal Era.

During the Mughal times in the court of the Great Emperor Akbar, there was a beautiful and well-dressed courtesan named Anarkali. Anarkali always wore a special dress, which is now her namesake, that was fitting on the chest with large pleats that flowed around her legs – she was a sight for sore eyes. According to the legend, Anarkali, the dazzling woman that she was, won the heart of Emperor Akbar and very quickly gained a place as one of his concubines. One day, the crown prince and Akbar’s son, Salim, and Anarkali met when he came back from war and fell deeply in love. They carried on an illicit romantic affair, sneaking around the palace of Emperor Akbar. Akbar was outraged when he uncovered their relationship and the two were punished severely. Needless to say, their love ended in tragedy. To this day, not only did Anarkali’s story, but her timeless wardrobe, remained immortalized.

The best part of the Anarkali suit is that it flatters every body type, accentuating a woman’s slender top and covering up any insecurities she may have with her waist or hips. Women literally transform into Anarkali from her courtesan days.

Stay tuned for our next post where we’ll show you beautiful Anarkali styles we’re currently carrying in store!

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